It’s time for you to follow the guidance of your soul.

You’ve been aware of your awakening journey for a while and are ready to go deeper.

You’re in the right place, my dear.

You are ready to…

change the trajectory of your life

walk in soulful joy, love, abundance and connection

remember your worth and Divinity

love the shit out of yourself and therefor be able to receive the love from others you’ve always wanted

face & let go of fear so you can live courageously and shine your highest light

It’s been challenging…

you feel like you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing and you still feel somewhat empty & lost

there have been little moments of fleeting joy and you can’t seem to figure out why things keep going wrong

you desire a deeper sense of belonging and connection, but don’t really know how to create that for yourself

the fear programmings and limiting beliefs that you grew up learning have dictated many of your choices and you are ready to let that shit go

You’re right where you belong…

through this SOUL GUIDANCE - AWAKENING group mentorship you will remember how to love yourself - really LOVE yourself

Here’s what you have to look forward to in joining us…

less anxiety, deeper peace

less fear, deeper courage

less guilt & shame, deeper trust & commitment to you

less anger, deeper forgiveness

less yearning, deeper having

less suffering, deeper joy

less trying to fit in, deeper belonging

less confusion, deeper knowing

less ego, more soul

4 weeks

We begin this journey on October 13th

We conclude on november 10tH

If you are ready to commit to this for YOUR highest evolution and join this virtual tribe of fellow soulful humans in this awakening, fill out the short application form below (be as detailed as possible), email me with any questions. You can be anywhere in the world, as this is all online! We will be transcending time & space together.

You have been given this precious life to shine the light of the Great Spirit.

You are an extension of Source.

You hold the entire Universe in every cell of your being.

You are here to experience and remember the joy, love & Divinity that IS you.

It is your birthright to have a life that is rooted in fulfillment, connection, authenticity & loving relationship.

What you receive through joining this beautiful tribe…

2 group soul guidance mentorship video calls where we get real, deep & vulnerable

4 group healing & guided sound meditation live videos for you to access the highest peace and love within you

private access to the “Soul Guidance - Awakening” secret facebook group for intimate connection and accountability

weekly Soul-work (my version of home-work), spiritual & self love practices

channeled and guided sound meditation to have as your own forever

Each week will come with a new focus & intention

Each week you will be given nourishing and fun Soul-work practices including journalling prompts, meditations & other powerful rituals for self love.

I work very intuitively depending on what the group energy is calling for.

Here is a simple breakdown of each week’s focused intention:

Week 1 - morning ritual, spiritual hygiene, prayer & meditation

Week 2 - powerfully healing & loving the inner child

Week 3 - opening the flow of abundance in your life

Week 4 - authentic expression & living in your essence

A little bit about your guide (ME!) through this Soul Guidance - Awakening group mentorship…

I am incredibly grateful to have such a beautiful, loving & authentic community surrounding me. If we already know each other, thank you for being here! I love you.

If you find yourself here reading my words, and we have not yet connected - I love you already and I look forward to guiding you through your journey of awakening.

Here is a little bit about me.

Part of my childhood was spent growing up overseas. I went to 13 different schools within 12 years. All of this moving led me to feeling deeply insecure around intimacy and creating real bonds with others.

At the age of 15, I was introduced to alcohol and had a very intimate relationship with it for about 12 years. Around age 25, I was introduced to meditation & energy work. My spiritual seeking through this time is what led me to finally get sober at age 27. At this point, I was deep in the music industry as a touring and recording singer-songwriter. At age 29, I quit the music industry due to depression & anxiety (ei. deeper awakening). This led me into a greater realization my life’s outer purpose and service in the world - which still includes the healing power of sound.

Over the past 9 years, I have dedicated my entire life to my healing & awakening journey, as well as given guidance to hundreds, possibly thousands, of others through their own journeys.

I am a trained yoga/meditation teacher, attuned to reiki II, certified in Pranic Healing, and attended the Boulder Psychic Institute. I am a songwriter, published writer, avid reader, event facilitator and lover of all things that inspire growth & joy.


I will leave you with a verse from the song I wrote called “Step Into The Light”

“I’m gonna root my feet into mother earth

I’m gonna pray for strength and the children of the world

Look to the moon and know it’s the same moon everyone else sees

I’m gonna sing like a dove, fly like an eagle

Put a smile on my face passing all of the people

Talk to my brother on the traffic corner

Hear him shout, ‘we’ve got to love one another’

I know it’s hard sometimes

Let’s hold hands through the night

And together we will step into the light”

Together, holding hands, we WILL change the world. It starts here in the act of creating a deep, loving relationship with ourselves.

I desire for this work to be available to everyone on the planet. It is also very important to me to have a safe and nurturing space for those I guide through the awakening process. The short application below is to ensure the integrity of those who wish to join this tribe. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible. I look forward to hearing about you!

Upon completion, you will be sent the payment link and then you’re IN!

Name *