Self Love Tribe

Join us inside and be ready for the awakening

Your soul is calling out for more…

Read below to learn about the Self Love Tribe - A space for you to empower yourself and drastically shift your life.

Perhaps you…

Have dabbled in meditation practices, but not yet found a solid routine

Suffer with anxiety and/or depression around the future and the past

Have read the self help books, listened to all the podcasts but are left feeling alone in your journey

Know that there is so much more to life than “wake up, rinse and repeat”

Are ready to find that more

Feel stagnant, complacent and uninspired

Are feeling overwhelmed with the next steps to take

You’re longing for a safe space that inspires…

Peace, connection and joy with life

Well being - body, mind and soul

Knowingness that you are here to do great, BIG things in the world

Ease in life with your work and relationships

Freedom in the exploration of your humanity and Divinity

Balance in your masculine and feminine energy

Groundedness in all that you do

Upliftment into your highest light

Bringing you to…

Fullfillment in all areas of your life

Satisfaction in knowing that you are here to change the world

Surrender of control - people, places and things

Making empowered and heart centered choices

Freedom to live out loud and shine your light!

Grace when things get tough, we are human after all

The flow that the Great Sprit of Universe has to offer

I have been in your shoes, love! I feel you …

Until I began a dedicated meditation practice, my life felt completely scattered

I was surrounding myself with people who were holding me back

I was always trying to help and fix those around me

It was really hard to tune in to my highest truth

I felt the need to please everyone around me

I held myself (and others) to a standard of perfection that always let me down

I attempted to control those around me so that I could feel better

All of this had me feeling very less than satisfied, like I was missing something in life that everyone else seemed to have

This brought me to dig deep and genuinely commit to my awakening…

I began to meditate everyday

I started taking responsibility for my life

I let go of responsibility for the lives of others

I realized my greatest desires and began to actualize them

I began to follow my heart’s guidance

I started to feel empowered in my authenticity rather than a victim to life

I started to love all aspects of myself - the mess, the beauty, the desires, the strengths and weaknesses

I have come to the realization that we are the only ones responsible for our lives and the awakening that happens.

The Self Love Tribe is for anyone who is ready to whole heartedly embark on the journey to self love and truly commit to their awakening.

My mission is to empower individuals to create the life they desire so that we can bring more peace and union to Mother Earth.

Are you ready to join this mission?

Are you ready to live boldly with your heart leading the way?

Are you ready to step into the absolute BEST and most AUTHENTIC version of YOURSELF?

What you get with joining the Self Love Tribe…

  • 1 intuitively guided meditation for the morning

  • 1 intuitively guided meditation for the midday or evening

  • Personal, one on one email access with me for direct, intuitive soul guidance

  • An intimate, safe and exclusive meeting place online through a secret Facebook group

  • One online Tribe meeting/class and Q &A per month where you will receive direct, intuitive soul guidance

  • One group energy healing per month

  • One on one accountability with a fellow Self Love Tribe member

What to expect…


The meditations will be released on the first Monday of each month, sent directly to your inbox

You will have all meditations to listen to for the rest of your life


The online class will take place on the Wednesday evening after the meditation is released

If you’re unable to make it, it will be available for replay

Energy Healing:

You will be notified a week in advance for the scheduled time each month - time depending on the cycle of the moon

It is best to create a nurturing environment for yourself in your home during this 1 hour healing

If you have a schedule conflict, you can go about your business and still feel the benefits


Through the law of attraction, you will be paired up with an accountability tribe member

I highly encourage you to create your own soul groups within this community if you feel inspired

One on one email access with me for direct, intuitive soul guidance

Your investment in this creates accountability for yourself, the commitment that you will show up and do the soul work


*On April 8th, the pricing will go up, so be sure to save your spot now*

When this idea flowed into my heart, I felt the guidance to create a monthly program that felt very affordable to those who are seeking clarity and soul expansion.

This program is only $111 per month if you sign up before April 8th, 2019.

Compared to other programs out there, this is seriously one of the lowest you will find with this many offerings.

Look at this as an investment in your soul. Be ready to expand into your greatness.

Whether you are a dedicated meditator and self love advocate who’s been on this path for years, or a newbie looking to begin your deep journey into the heart - the Self Love Tribe is for you.

I am committed to creating a safe, loving, open space for individuals to explore their deepest nature and empowerment. To hold integrity with the Self Love Tribe, I have a questionnaire for you to fill out so that we can be sure everyone inside is there with pure intentions.

(*once you fill out this form, I will email you with more info and the link for payment to secure your spot)

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