There is a brilliant light at the core of your being.

It's ready to be uncovered.

You, my friend, are here to shine. 

I know your heart, so I’m guessing you…

Have been contemplating the truth that there's more to life than what you have been experiencing. 

Have read some things about self-love and maybe even started on your journey to more of it.

Feel unsure of what direction to take for healing because of all the information available.

Have or are experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

Have felt that healthy solitude has been skirting the line of isolation. 

Are craving the sense of belonging and purpose you KNOW you can have.

Because of this, of course you are desiring for someone... 

To hold your hand through the journey to empowerment.

To show you a new, thriving way of existing. 

To give you a solid foundation from which you can experience joy in all aspects of your life.

To help you retrain your brain, thought patterns and programming that has kept you stuck. 

To show you that you are absolutely worthy of massive love and abundance. 

To give you tools to live a happier, healthier and more vibrant life, even in the face of challenge.

To show you that all of the healing you are seeking is within you. 

To help you remember who you truly are and why you are here!

Bringing you to... 

Freedom from anxiety, depression, shame and stagnancy.

Infinite abundance flowing to you.

Excitement for life and connection in all that you do.

A deep sense of empowerment.

Not believing, but knowing you are here for a BIG life mission.

Self actualization - actualizing your desires and knowing you are worthy of them.

Reclaiming your identity as a Divine Human Being.


As a touring songwriter, I suffered through panic attacks on stage.
My identity and self-worth were wrapped up in validation I received from others. 
I had bouts of depression that felt debilitating. 
I experienced suicidal ideation that brought me to my knees in emotional pain.
I drank myself to a black out hundreds of times before getting sober in 2012.
I made the poorest of poor choices for myself and my well being.

I am so grateful for all of this because it was a catalyst for...

Taking a deep dive into myself.
Remembering in my bones and soul that there was another way. 
Experiencing and feeling a deep sense of unconditional love that I never had before.
Embracing imperfection and loving myself regardless. 
Leaning on mentors and guides to hold my hand through the expansion.
Finally being able to look myself in the mirror and say "I love you" and really fucking mean it (I do this often).
Integrating and healing my body, mind and soul.
Connection with Spirit that I never could have imagined possible.
Embracing my psychic and intuitive abilities that always lead me to truth and the highest love.

You, my friend, are so worthy of this too.

With the right tools and someone to guide you through this process, you will uncover the brilliant light within. 
You are here to shine. You are here to experience unconditional love.
You are here to tap into what I call the courageous Lion Heart.

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