More About Me

In 2012 my life changed. After years of harming my body, mind and soul, I got sober.

I had been practicing meditation for a couple of years already and was living a double life... Going to group meditations and then getting blacked out drunk on the weekends. 

As a touring songwriter, I was fulfilling the role I deemed typical.

After getting sober, my music career start booming. I started getting better, higher paying shows for people who actually wanted to hear my music. I got to the point where I was actually making a living doing what I loved... 

Or so I thought.

I began to have panic attacks on stage while performing. My desire to please and show up became the source of intense anxiety and depression. 

On the outside, I had it all together and many people congratulated me on my "success." 

Then, one day, just a month after releasing an album that so much money, time and energy was put into... I quit. I canceled all radio shows, I cancelled all tours. I just stopped.

The last few shows I played were in southern California. I remember flying in and driving around to my shows in my fancy rental car, staying in wonderful accommodations wondering how someone could feel THIS depressed and anxious while doing what they had always dreamed of. 

So there it was. My lesson that money, notoriety, fancy things could not fill the space within me that felt so empty. 

I thought that bowing out of the music industry would fix this feeling of slow death within me. It didn't. 

I went on to feeling even more isolated and empty and came to a place of suicidal ideation. 

This is when the true healing began. 

Luckily, I had a thread of hope and I reached out to a friend who practices Ayurvedic Medicine. 

This changed my life. She gave me a strict schedule for my days. She told me what to eat for each meal. She told me how to meditate. She told me when to go to sleep and wake up. Even down to when I needed to "eliminate." Ha! 

I printed and posted my daily schedule in my bathroom and kitchen. 

This was just the beginning.

Fast-forward to now...

I use my story and experience to inspire others on a daily basis.

I learned that true healing comes from within. I gained a passion for spreading this truth. 

I constantly remind my clients, we have all of the wisdom, truth and love within us. Every time we have a decision to make... We know in our hearts and our gut what the loving choice would be and what the fear based choice would be.

We are not here to suffer through life. I have learned this through deep, intimate connection to my personal Spirit Tribe (a group of disembodied souls - including a lion - that guide me daily). 

We are here to shine our light! And in doing so, we give others permission to do the same.
We are like candles that light one another.

On paper:
I am a certified Pranic Healer
Attuned to Reiki
Certified Dharma Yoga Teacher
Have a PhD in musicianship (a decade counts, right?!) ;)

In my work / mission:
I use my gift for music as a catalyst for healing
I use my psychic abilities to help people connect to their Spirit Guides
I teach and guide meditation
I show people that a wonderful life is not just a fantastical story, but a reality they can create