5 Day Grounding Meditation Course

I see you.

You are a Divine being!

You are here to experience connection and true self love. 

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Because it's not often easy to remember this,
maybe you have...

 Felt stuck, stagnant, confused, ungrounded, and some fear about what the future will bring.

Felt that there is more, but you don't know how/where to find it.

Desired to be free of your thoughts controlling you.

Experienced depression, anxiety and maybe even panic attacks. 

Dimmed your light in hopes that others will feel more comfortable around you.

I feel you! I'm here to help you...

Find more peace
See that you are SO worthy of love and freedom
Come to a place of making choices based on love rather than fear
Get free from the constant mind chatter  
Cultivate a daily practice that will guide you to empowerment
Finally letting go of any anxiety, stagnancy and fear

To step into...

Being more tuned in with your inner light and guidance system
A loving foundation for you to start your day
Knowing your worth and making empowered choices for your life
Feeling more grounded and a sense of ease
Having confidence in all that you do
Surrendering control to allow miracles in

I have been there! 

For years I sat in suffering that wasn't serving me.

I was a touring singer-songwriter and was having regular panic attacks on stage.

Any confidence that I had came from validation from others. 

Now! Because of what I've been through, it is my greatest honor to teach this shit and help others step into their own powerful light!

All of the healing, wisdom and love is within us, we've just got to uncover it.

AND it really helps to have someone hold our hand through the growth. 

I am so grateful to all of the teachers, mentors and guides who have brought me through this journey to self love. 

Through these 5 days, I will guide you to more groundedness, connection, peace and healing. 

Each morning you will receive an email from me with an intention for the day along with an 11 minute guided meditation.

This is a FREE offering from my heart to yours.

You will feel incredibly nurtured, open, connected and alive by the end of the 5 days. 

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