A little About Me

Ash was born with a natural ability to tune into the subtle energies of her surroundings. She began singing in the same year she started talking - a sign that perhaps she was a vocalist in a past life. Through intuitive guidance, energy work, meditation and sound healing, Ash facilitates one on one sessions, workshops, classes and events.

Since 2005, Ash has been writing songs with a guitar she was gifted by her father. Eventually with those songs she started touring the greater part of the Americas, finding a home on each stage she was given. After 11 years of abusing alcohol, in 2012 she finally faced her addiction head on and subsequently embarked on a path of deep soul work and healing. Shortly after getting sober, she faced a season of immense anxiety and depression. Later she realized that this was her soul guiding her to shift her focus and tune into the heart. After years in the music industry, she let it all go to follow her intuition. 

This following of the intuition has led her to embracing her healing abilities to a higher degree. She went on to receive certifications in Pranic Healing and Dharma Yoga Teacher Training, as well as being attuned to Reiki II. Through self study and experience, Ash has developed her own unique healing modality that includes the use of her voice, working with the angelic realm and spirit guides - relaying intuitive messages to those she works with.

Ash has worked with hundreds of individuals in group and one on one settings. People who participate in her healings often find themselves feeling lighter, freer, deeply connected and ready to shine in their own unique light.

Currently Ash teaches guided meditation classes, holds moon ceremonies, facilitates Soul Guidance sessions & house clearings and is a guest speaker/performer at various events.

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When we tune into our deepest heart and soul space, we tap into the innate Divine Intelligence of Spirit. This is where the healing happens. These healing sessions are a blend of my training in intuitive energy work, connection with the Spirit and Angelic realms, and my voice. Deep emotional and energetic healing occurs in these sessions.

Long distance and in person (Austin, TX).

Packages are available. Click the link below to book.



Your home is your sacred, safe space for you to surrender, rest and be inspired. There are lots of factors that contribute to stuck, stagnant energy in a home. It is recommended to cleanse the home space often. With this clearing, you will find more peace, clarity and openness in the home. This clearing will rid your home of any negative energies contributing to conflict in the home. Light and love will fill the space that everyone in the home will greatly benefit from.